The Online exhibition "Hybrid body" is dedicated to the image of a new corporeality and experience of interaction with digital space. Is it right to consider that today each of us has become a cyborg? With the development of technologies, the digital involvement of a user is constantly growing and multiple accounts on social networks create alternative identities expanding bodily capacities. The Internet meets our need for self-identification while the touch screens of smartphones and other devices let us feel the tangible texture of media space, touch the digital.


The next step in aspiration, to humanize the technology in order to understand and examine it, has become the expansion of 3D scanning for modeling, the appearance of humanoid robots and interactive, tactile robotic installations. Does any kind of media extension lead to biological amputation? These are questions this exhibition takes as its theme. The exhibition "Hybrid body" presents institutional and non-institutional artists, designers and creative programmers whose projects analyze the aesthetics of a new digital body.


Kseniia Galkina


film / 2016


Gediminas Daugela

In white

3D animation / 2017

Adam Ferriss (w. Andrew Benson)


real-time computer graphics



Helena Nikonole

Nudes descending a staircase

3D animation / 2014

Alpha_Rats  & Vladimir Storm


screens of experimental VR game, 2017

>> trailer

Baron Lanteigne (sound: Reef Frequent)

m / moire

video / 2017

Lyoubov Touinova

ASCII experiments

video / 2017

Living Space
digital series / 2016

Sense of promise

online game / 2017

Albert Omoss


3D animation, morphing / 2016

Yohanna Ovalle

Auctum Natura

video / 2017

Aristarkh Chernyshev

Classics on prostheses

3D animation / 2016

Konstantin Grebnev

In memory space

3D animation, media project / 2016-2017

* * *

What does it mean to be
a young independent curator?


How to realize a curatorial project outside the institution?


Where are the boundaries
of the commercial interests
of the art community?


What are the aims of contemporary art museums today?

Will these museums exist
in 2117?


Is the grant system of museums
aimed solely at internal exchange of resources and commercial benefits?

Сan the institution function
on a horizontal basis?


Do the institutional concepts
of art influence on digital
art and spread on the Internet?


Are memes art or LOL?


This is the minimum of issues that any young curator deals with. As an emerging independent curator and researcher, I state five principles that I follow
in my practice:


i.   I choose сonsciousness
     and sincerity while working

     with art and artists!


ii.  I propose to reconsider
     the old mechanisms
     of exhibiting
     and art selection!


iii. I'm for the diversity    
     inside the institutional  


iv.  I follow the idea of
     solidarity and open
     collaboration between
     artists and curators!


v.   I am for the accessibility  
     of up-to-date information,
     software and new
     technologies for artists
     and curators!








Oxana Chvyakina | 2017
Many thanks for encouragement and support to WASDSWAG